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ESAS (Event Safety & Security) provide event organisers, venues and organisations with responsible and professional members of staff who will ensure your visitors will enjoy their time in a safe and secure environment. Our staff have decades of experience in these matters and have worked a numeric of venues covering a wide and diverse range of sport and leisure activities.

What We Offer

We have trained stewards with various levels of qualifications to cover large events, such as football stadium, festivals, pop concerts, cricket events, and many more forms of entertainment. In addition we also provide SIA Training and SIA Door Supervisors that are fully trained and qualified.we can help to provide Initial and ongoing training on all aspects of crowd supervision and safety. We have in-house trainers to deliver a core qualifications of level 2, 3 and 4 in Spectator Safety,


The NVQ levels 2, 3 and 4 underpin and guarantee qualified, effective, efficient staff

Who are these qualifications for?

These qualifications are for those working in the events stewarding industry. It is one of only three qualifications that has been mapped to the National Occupational Standards. The Football Licensing Authority expects all stewards working at Premier or Football League grounds to be qualified in, or working towards this qualification or one of the other two CEMS or NCFE Certificate for Event Stewards. It is suitable for sports grounds and stadiums, motor racing circuits, racecourses, arenas and public events such as carnivals and charity runs.

Qualification Levels

Level 2

This level will suit you if you already work or want to work, in stewarding, spectator events, security and volunteering.

The Level 2 certificate is comprised of mandatory units, including:

  • Prepare for spectator events
  • Deal with accidents and emergencies
  • Control the entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events
  • Monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems.
Level 3

Level 3 is for stewards working in a supervisory role. It suits people who work at any kind of spectator event, for example sports events, parades, concerts or carnivals.

This level is made up of both mandatory and optional units, including:

  • Prepare stewards and venues for spectator events (mandatory)
  • Deal with accidents and emergencies (mandatory)
  • Support the efficient use of resources (optional)
  • Manage information for action (optional)
  • Control and detain people at a spectator event for action by the police (optional).
Level 4

The Level 4 NVQ in Spectator Safety Management aims to assess the competence of stadium managers and safety officers. Candidates would be expected to demonstrate ability in planning for and ensuring the safety of people at an event, managing resources, and developing and implementing policies.

Level 4 is made up of both mandatory and optional units, including:

  • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders (mandatory)
  • Assist the organisation to develop and implement policies (mandatory)
  • Provide learning opportunities for colleagues (mandatory)
  • Facilitate meetings (optional)
  • Implement quality assurance systems (optional)
  • Recruit, select and keep colleagues (optional).

We can deliver other qualification such as fire safety and first aid through our affiliates we offer the full spectram of training that your organisation may require.

Compulsory Training


Most businesses use substances or products that are mixtures of substances. Some processes create substances these could cause harm to employees, contractors, and other people.

Taking our course you will be able to: 

  • keep all control measures in good working order;
  • provide information, instruction and training for employees and others;
  • provide monitoring and health surveillance in appropriate cases;
  • plan for emergencies.
  • find out what the health hazards are;
  • decide how to prevent harm to health;
  • provide control measures to reduce harm to health;
  • making sure they are used;

First Aid

Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work is a two-unit, three-day course that will enable successful candidates to act as a first aider in their workplace. Awarding body is the Charted Institute of Environment Health Ofqual-regulated.

Business Benefits Include:

  • Improves skills and knowledge
  • Provides industry-recognised qualifications
  • Develops employees’ skills and addresses knowledge gaps in line with business requirements
  • Increases productivity, helping to create a competitive advantage
  • Helps businesses keep pace with the latest industry developments
  • Improves staff retention, lowering recruitment and training costs
  • Motivates staff to improve
  • Helps build self-confidence and improves staff morale
  • Identifies areas for personal improvement which can help instigate positive organisational change
  • Meet legal requirements

Manual Handling

Incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury within a workplace. It can result in work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) which account for over a third of all workplace injuries. The risk could be reduced significantly if managers and worker understand the risks and take appropriate action. by taking our course you will be able to take the practical steps to minimise the risk.


Health & Safety

This qualification provides candidates with knowledge of basic Health and Safety practices that are essential in the workplace. This includes identifying the hazards and risks presented in the workplace along with awareness of the relevant legislation, and looking at cost effective ways of overcoming issues. All our Trainers are NEBOSH qualified and take an active interest in current health and safety legislation.  Business Benefits Include:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Health and Safety
  • Employees will take more responsibility and become more confident
  • Be assured that the company is meeting legal requirements
  • Make a real difference to the well-being of the employee and colleagues
  • Identifies areas for personal improvement which can help instigate positive organisational change
  • Helps build self-confidence and improves staff morale
  • Helps businesses keep pace with the latest industry developments
  • Develops employees’ skills  and addresses knowledge gaps in line with business requirements
  • Provides industry-recognised qualifications
  • Motivates staff to improve

Driver Assessment

Our assessment and technical courses are specifically designed to ensure your drivers are as responsible as possible, environmentally conscious, aware of health and safety requirements and know the importance of conducting vehicle checks to stay safe and cost efficient.


Event Stewards

We have trained, qualified and professional stewards that can help to cover different types of large events such as football grounds, festivals, pop concerts, cricket events and any other forms of entertainment

            As events are held on public roads, fields and other public spaces such as town centres or complex environments such as shopping centres event stewards have a number of liabilities as well as the duty to care for their customers. A fundamental part of providing the duty of care is to ensure that event safety staff are fully trained and qualified to help them to carry out their job competently and professionally.

We can provide SIA training and SIA door supervisors fully trained and qualified that can work in a wide variety of roles and venues such as shops, warehouses, offices, bars, clubs, restaurants etc.

Obtaining a level 2 Door Supervisor qualification is one of the first steps in getting an SIA Licence to work in the security industry as a Security Guard or a Door Supervisor. If this is something you may be interested in then this maybe they course for you.

Event Safety Risk Assessment

The client, are ultimately responsible for the health and safety of everyone attending your event. This responsibility cannot be discharged. You must therefore satisfy yourself that you have an appropriate risk assessment in place with the level of risk your event may be exposed to. We can work with you in completing a risk assessment to ensure that your event is compliant with the law. 

What is Corporate Manslaughter?


Your business can be prosecuted for the offence of corporate manslaughter if the way in which its activities are managed causes a death through a gross breach of duty of care to the deceased. A large part of the breach must have been in the way activities were managed or organised by senior management.

Although owners and senior managers of businesses cannot personally be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter, they can be prosecuted for other offences related to failures in health and safety management. These include gross negligence manslaughter and health and safety offences. The corporate manslaughter law does not change this and prosecutions against individuals will continue to be taken where there is enough interest. evidence and it is in the public 


We only recruit a limited number of times a year to find the select team members that we need to join our ever growing Security & Stewarding teams. We are looking to recruit the right people with a real desire to work with a dynamic team.

We only interested in recruiting people that want to work, and are not there to turn up and go. As like any business we have pride in the services we supply to our clients and their customers. if you are someone that takes a pride in what they do, and someone that can work as part of a team and you believe that you have what we are looking for and you like working with people we would love to hear from you.

The recruitment process isn’t the easiest you may have completed, we look to remove time wasters as early as possible. But if you’re serious about working and you’re good at what you do, then we will guide you through the process as quickly and professionally as you provide us with the information and documentation we ask for.



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